20 Phrases with ‘in’

1. In time- समय के भीतर

I finished my project in time.

2. In between- के बीच में

Kids shouldn’t be put in between fight of husband and wife.

3. In fact- असल में

Killing people in the name of religion is in fact a crime.

4. In advance- अग्रिम रूप से

Bills should be paid in advance.

5. In mood- मूड में

Today I am in mood to clean my room.

6. In a mess- किसी झमेले में

Seema is in a mess after death of her parents.

7. In the past – past में

I used to be alcoholic but its in the past now.

8. In case of- के मामले में

Use the emergency exit in case of fire.

9. In order to – के लिए

 I have to work hard in order to win the competition.

10. In front of  – सामने

School is in front of an old banyan tree.

11. In charge of –के प्रभारी

 I am new in charge of the project.

12. In ink – लिखित

Submit your application in ink.

13. In comparison to – की तुलना में

MSD is better in comparison to other captain of Indian team.

14. In addition to – के अतिरिक्त

Rohan received a cash prize in addition to the title.

15. In a way – एक तरीके से

In a way Mohit’s speech is better than Kareem’s.

16. In the line – कतार में

Prince harry is 3rd in the line for throne.

17. In spite of –बावजूद

I helped him in spite of his betrayal.

18. In the clear-निर्दोष होना

Mohan is in the clear of theft.

19. In soup- मुसिबत

Raina’s carrier is in soup due to her carelessness.

20. In vain-बेकार

Her effort went in vain.


That feeling

A student asked my son,

‘In which school do you study?’

‘Tulip Academy’

‘Who is the principal?”

“My mother, Mrs Shilpi Shikha”
I own a small preschool, which opened on birth of my son Yuvi. And today when he proudly presented it, it filled me with joy and pride. Its like I succeeded in what I wanted. I got my son’s approval. 

Love you baby

National movie of India

​Very innocent question from my student….
I was teaching little ones about national animal, bird, flower etc… One of them stood and asked,
“Ma’am which is India’s national movie?”
Before I could answer one of the kid shouted,
“Its Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham”
We looked at him puzzled then he explained, 

It comes on TV everyday and it has national anthem in it.

Who is your boss?

Accept it or not we all have many bosses. They boss us and we simply obey them and bitch about them, where they are simply doing what they want.

Well now you must know that I most certainly am not talking about office boss. I am talking about people, classmates, an annoying cousin, a friend who always impose decisions on you and you do it unwantedly.

Today someone asked me, ‘why do you boss around all the time?”

I answered, “coz I know that I am right.”

“What if you are wrong?”

“I will learn from my mistake and next time give a better instruction.”

“Why would someone listen to a person who gave wrong instruction in the first place.”

‘Well my friend! Coz I am the boss.’

“You are narcissistic, do you know that?” There was a hint of sarcasm and irritation in his voice.

“May be I am but still I am the boss.” Same calm reply.

“You are so self absorbed. How can you say that? Who made you the boss?” Now he was annoyed.

“You did. When you came to question me.”

“What? How?” Bewildering still annoyed tone.

“If I am not your boss then why are you here looking for my approval!? If I say I am the boss. You are angry and persuading me to say what you want to hear.” 

“You are just twisting it.”

“Am I? Okay I am not your boss. End of discussion.”

“But you are…”

“Thank you! You just proved my point. See how You made me your boss.”

“But I don’t like you bossing me around.”

“Then don’t let me.”


“Don’t seek for others approval.”

“That’s all?”

“Again, don’t seek for approval.”

“Right right. So shall I go now?”

“You should. Or not. Do as you wish”

“It would be easier if you say.”

“And now we have second reason why you have made me your boss?”


” Dude, you need someone to tell you what to do. It takes pressure off of you and if you fail you can simply blaim your so called boss.”
And he left. Truth hurts but was I too straight with him. Which brings me to my third observation. Being straight forward, good or bad!!!!!????

Its matter of opinion. We’ll discuss about it some other day.

So I would like to end with leaving this thought here…..

Don’t complain that someone is bossing you. Stop seeking approvals. Be daring, take chances.Be your own boss. You might fail, but hey everyone fails at some point. Make fun of youself if you fail and move on.So … Chill man. Its alright.

Why do we celebrate new year?

Loud music is on at midnight,
But no one seem to mind.
Coz its new year.

A new year to screw up,
Let’s screw in a new way.
Don’t wanna listen to people,
Don’t care what they say.
Coz its new year.

No matter how hard we try,
We end up being broke,
Will it be a great year,
Oh, wait and watch the ticking clock.
Coz its new year.

Let’s be prepared for whatever comes
Coz I am stronger than ever.
Life can be cruel but,
Its time to be clever.
Coz its new year.

lets  celebrate and go on,
Coz we need a reason to live on.
So what if this year did suck,
New year might bring some luck.
Coz its new year.

And if it doesn’t I don’t care.
I have got lot of courage in spare.
Gonna have blast, I’ll break dance floor,
In the test of life I’ll get high score.
Coz its new year.

The other side of story

The other day I was reading newspaper in the front yard, when this news caught my eyes.
“Teacher caught beating student in class”.

Being a private tutor, this particular piece got my attention immediately. The article was going on and on about how horrible the act was and how such teacher should be punished. Before I could process and analyze my opinion about the news, an angry voice came.
‘Good morning ma’am!’
It was angry father of one of my student, its important to mention that he is a civil engineer working for state government.
‘Good morning! What happened!’
‘This is the test paper of my son, he got only 15 out of 25.’
His tone was telling me that his son’s marks are not good and apparently it was my fault.
‘Sir, your Son is a bright kid but he is lazy and need to work hard. I am doing whatever I can.’
‘Ma’am it is all your fault’ finally he couldn’t hold the feeling anymore.
‘You don’t beat him. He is not afraid of you so he is not studying. If you start beating today tomorrow his grades will improve’
‘Sir, hitting him will only make it worse. He will study for few days out of fear but slowly he will grow in to it and the same problem will arise. If you want to help your kid sit with him, study with him. Show him how interesting studies coul….:
‘Ma’am you are only giving excuse. You better start beating him or I will have to take action.’
‘ why don’t you beat him at home?’
‘Ma’am I pay you so this is your job.’
He took his kid to other tutor and I continued the news about horrible parent umm…. I mean Teacher.

A green tribute

l was lying on my bed. all the lights are down. room is filled with cozy silence. I turned around and kissed goodnight on forehead of my 11 month old boy. suddenly my heart is heavy. who will he get inspiration from? wo will teach to dream big?

whose words and acts will motivate us to do something big?
Today evening my whatsapp beaped, ”former presedent Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam is no more, RIP”. It was shocking.
he cannot…..
Is this a fake message? please let this be a fake message. please God.

but sadly,
It is true. Unable to sleep, I cant stop thinking about it.
all we puny human can do is give him a hearty tribute.
I request everyone to PLANT A TREE… in the memory of Kalaam. I think he’ll be happy if we give him a green tribute.
Kalaam did not die. Kalaam can not die. he lives with us, in our heart forever and evr.

A moment’s indulgence

This poem is my favourite from the famous Nobel winning ”Geetanjali” by one and only Rabindranath Taigor. These lines are so touching. Everytime I read this book, I perceive something new. I hope everyone enjoys it just the way I do.

I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side.
The works that I have in hand I will finish afterwards.

Away from the sight of thy face
my heart knows no rest nor respite, and my work becomes an endless toil in a shoreless sea of toil.

Today the summer has come at my window with its sighs and murmurs; and the bees are plying their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering grove.

Now it is time to sit quiet, face to face with thee, and to sing dedication of life in this silent and overflowing leisure.

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Fall in love again

How can you say
You love me
When you don’t have time
To talk to me for a minute.

You are so busy to
Give a call or to
Leave a message.
You have a list of To dos but
I ain’t part of it.
You have priorities
And I am not one of it.

Leaving you isn’t an option,
Not to me baby coz
That’s how much I love you.
I do.
I know it’s insane.

I miss those days when
We talked for hours,
Our conversation was too short
But we stayed online
Just to feel each other.

I want to hope that
Those days will be back
When you and I will become
You will talk and I’ll listen.
And we’ll kiss then laugh and talk again till we fall asleep in each other’s arm
To wake up again and
To fall in love again.

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